Author shares experiences with death row inmates, death penalty views

by rcnewsblog on November 26, 2012

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The title of Joe Ingle’s book speaks for itself.

“The Inferno” details a man’s passionate and fiery account as an advocate for people on death row.

Ingle visited Roanoke College earlier this month to discuss his book and his stance on the death penalty as part of the Turk Pre-Law program. Dr. Todd Peppers, who heads the program, said he invited Ingle to speak at Roanoke to “give students an example of someone who has followed their convictions.”

“Even if you think that he is dead wrong, you have to admire his courage and activism,” Peppers said about Ingle.

Ingle is the epitome of a man of courage and activism. For most of his adult life, he has fought for people on death row and often visited them.

His book, “The Inferno”, chronicles the story of Philip Workman, who was executed in Tennessee in 2007, though there were doubts about his guilt.

Ingle is a minister, having attended the Union Seminary in New York City. He believes that all Christians should be against the death penalty, because it goes against the Christian views on life.

He has worked tirelessly to speak against the death penalty across the country.

During his talk at Roanoke College, Ingle spoke about his experiences working with inmates on death row. At the end of his talk, there was a question and answer period, and some people in the audience passionately argued for both sides of the death penalty.

Agree or disagree, Ingle has dedicated his life to serving those who often don’t have a voice and who are living every day in fear that it could be their last.

-By Greg Snyder ’14


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