Shout out to Faculty and Staff mentors in #Raceto250

by Teresa Gereaux on December 11, 2013

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Dear faculty and staff members,

Your name may have been mentioned in the #Raceto250 giving campaign. There are several posts that mention faculty and staff mentors, by name, from some of your former (or current) students. You can look for your name on the Race to 250 website. The page gathers social media posts from Facebook and Twitter and makes it easy to see what folks are saying, even if you aren’t on social media. Even if you do tweet or use Facebook, it’s worth checking out the Race to 250 page just to see what alumni, students, faculty and staff are saying about Roanoke and the faculty and staff members who made an impact in their lives. It’s amazing to see the variety of names mentioned, some who are on campus now and others who have retired or died years ago.

There’s two consistent themes in all the posts. First, alumni still love Roanoke! Second, you can see the impact our faculty and staff have on students. It’s often life-changing. You really can touch the future by helping a student grow and further their education. The student learns some important lessons, in and outside the classroom, then graduates and goes on to a productive and rewarding career. Later they look back and realize all the lessons they learned, many which probably didn’t seem like a lesson at the time. Often the graduates then start to do the same for people around them and the world is a better place.

Keep an eye on this Race to 250. Roanoke has until noon on Friday, Dec. 13 to get 250 gifts. When this challenge is met, Roanoke College gets $25,000 from Board of Trustee member Nancy Mulheren ’72 and her family.

Go Maroons!


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